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Cooperations and Initiatives

CRC/TRR 167: NeuroMac

CRC-TRR 167 | NeuroMac


The goal of the NeuroMac initiative is to obtain insights into the diverse functions of myeloid cells in the CNS during development, health and disease.



Neurex | Neuroscience Upper Rhine Network


Neurex is the most important European network in the field of neuroscience, be it basic, clinical or applied. Created in 1999, it covers 3 countries, 100 laboratories and 1000 researchers in the Upper Rhine Valley.



Neurex | InterNeuron


Interneuron aims at facilitating the transfer of know-how and technology, academic knowledge and skills between the academic, the clinical and the private sectors in the field of neuroscience and neurotechnology in the Upper Rhine Valley.


Eucor – The European Campus

Eucor - The European Campus


Within the European Campus, the five universities in the Upper Rhine Region aim to take cross-border cooperation in research and teaching to a new level in order to gain a key advantage in the international competition for the best minds and ideas.