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Computational Neuroscience in Freiburg

Computational Neuroscience


How does the brain process information and what are the mechanisms in the nervous system that enable its computational capacities? This is one of the key questions addressed by computational neuroscience. Also known as theoretical neuroscience, the discipline is characterised by its interdisciplinary approach: In Freiburg, there are physicists, mathematicians, biomedical engineers, electrical engineers, biologists as well as researchers with backgrounds in computer science and astrophysics who contribute to computational neuroscience research.  

At the core of this research are computational models: Researchers run simulations on high performance computers such as the Freiburg Nemo cluster to frame hypotheses. These hypotheses are later tested in biological and psychological experiments and vice versa. The specialty of computational neuroscience in Freiburg is the systematic study of brain dynamics – the concerted evolution of neuronal activity in brain networks over time. The central institution for computational neuroscience in Freiburg is the Bernstein Center Freiburg.


Principal Investigators

Ad Aertsen

Prof. em. Dr. Ad Aertsen

Neurobiology and Biophysics

Marlene Bartos

Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos

Johann Bollmann

Prof. Dr. Johann Bollmann

Systems Neuroscience

Ilka Diester

Prof. Dr. Ilka Diester


Ulrich Egert

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Egert


Carsten Mehring

Prof. Dr. Carsten Mehring

Neurobiology and Neurotechnology

Stefan Rotter

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rotter

Computational Neuroscience

Andrew Straw

Prof. Dr. Andrew Straw

Neural Circuits and Behavior

Julia Veit

Dr. Julia Veit

Cortical Circuits


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