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Clinical Neuroscience in Freiburg

Clinical Neuroscience

Clinical neuroscience focuses on the investigation of mechanisms underlying neurological disorders and diseases in the brain and the central nervous system. The discipline seeks to identify new approaches in the treatment and diagnosis of pathological conditions in the brain. Freiburg University not only has a reputation for its considerable resources in neurosurgery, psychiatry, epileptology, neuropsychology or neurophysiology – it is also renowned for its experimental research, biological psychiatry and stereotactic surgery.


Principal Investigators

Volker Coenen

Prof. Dr. med. Volker Coenen

Katharina Domschke

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Katharina Domschke

Bernd Feige

Dr. rer. medic. Bernd Feige

Carola Haas

Prof. Dr. Carola Haas

Carola Haas

Prof. Dr. Andreas Harloff

Neurovascular Imaging, 4D Flow MRI, Fluid-structure Interaction

Sven Heinrich

PD Dr. Sven Heinrich

Visual System and Electrophysiology

Markus Heinrichs

Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs

Biological Psychology / Social Neuroscience / Psychotherapy

Christoph Kaller

Dr. Christoph Kaller

Jürgen Kornmeier

PD Dr. Jürgen Kornmeier

Perception and Cognition

Wolf Lagreze

Prof. Dr. Wolf Lagrèze


Melanie Meyer-Lühmann

Prof. Dr. Melanie Meyer-Lühmann

Claus Normann

Prof. Dr. med. Claus Normann

Marco Prinz

Prof. Dr. Marco Prinz

Dieter Riemann

Prof. Dr. Dieter Riemann

Nicole Roßkothen-Kuhl

Dr. Nicole Roßkothen-Kuhl

Experimental Auditory Neuroscience

Michael Schecker

Prof. Dr. Michael Schecker


Thomas Schläpfer

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schläpfer

Andreas Schulze-Bonhage

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Schulze-Bonhage


Prof. Dr. med. Ludger Tebartz van Elst

Prof. Dr. med. Ludger Tebartz van Elst


Cornelius Weiller

Prof. Dr. med. Cornelius Weiller

Neurology and Neurophysiology


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