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Neuroimaging in Freiburg



Neuroimaging provides visual insights into the functioning of the nervous system. For this purpose, a variety of techniques are applied to create images of the structure or activity of the brain. For this purpose, researchers make use of technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging or computerized tomography.

The two broad categories of neuroimaging are structural imaging and functional imaging: Structural imaging considers how the nervous system is structured. And also finds application in the diagnostics of intracranial diseases such as tumors or diseases. Functional imaging, on the other hand, is used for diagnosis of metabolic diseases such as Alzheimer's disease or epilepsy. (Labs performing functional imaging in animal models using fluorescent calcium or voltage indicators are listed under the 'Neurophysiology & Neuroanatomy' category.)



Principal Investigators


PD Dr. med. Tonio Ball

Translational Neurotechnology Lab

Marlene Bartos

Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos

Volker Coenen

Prof. Dr. med. Volker Coenen

Jürgen Hennig

Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Hennig

Medical Physics

Dr. Christoph Kaller

Experimental Neuropsychology

Philipp Tobias Meyer

Prof. Dr. Dr. Philipp Tobias Meyer

In vivo Molecular Neuroimaging

Monika Schönauer

Prof. Dr. Monika Schönauer

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

Cornelius Weiller

Prof. Dr. med. Cornelius Weiller

Neurology and Neurophysiology