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Developmental Neuroscience in Freiburg

Developmental Neuroscience


Developmental neuroscience draws on the fields of developmental biology, neurophysiology, and neurology to investigate the processes involved in the formation, shaping and reshaping of the nervous system in animals. For this purpose, the discipline traces how these processes progress from embryogenesis to adulthood. Through this approach, developmental neuroscience is able to look into the cellular and molecular workings behind development. In Freiburg, this research is addressed through the investigation of zebra fish.

Principal Investigators

Johann Bollmann

Prof. Dr. Johann Bollmann

Systems Neuroscience

Wolfgang Driever

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Driever

Developmental Biology

Jochen Holzschuh

PD Dr. Jochen Holzschuh

Neurology and Neurophysiology

Michael Schecker

Prof. Dr. Michael Schecker


Tanja Vogel

Prof. Dr. Tanja Vogel

Developmental and Functional Neuroepigenetics


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