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Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology in Freiburg

Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology


Studying the anatomy and organisation of nervous systems is the subject of neuroanatomy research. This entails the stereotyped organisation of nervous systems such as the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS) in the spinal cord of vertebrates. Researching such distinct regions and structures of the nervous system are at the core of neuroanatomy – and a crucial element to understanding how it functions.

As an area of physiology, Neurophysiology concerns the study of how the nervous system functions. For this purpose, neurophysiologists create electrophysiological recordings, using techniques such as voltage clamp, patch clamp, calcium imaging, optogenetics, and molecular biology. Thus, neurophysiology draws closely from related fields such as neurobiology, electrophysiology, neurology, clinical neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, cognitive science, biophysics, psychology, mathematical biology, and other fields concerning the brain.



Principal Investigators

Ad Aertsen

Prof. em. Dr. Ad Aertsen

Neurobiology and Biophysics

Michael Bach

Prof. Dr. Michael Bach

Visual Neuroscience & Electrophysiology

Marlene Bartos

Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos

Systemic and Cellular Neurophysiology

Johann Bollmann

Prof. Dr. Johann Bollmann

Systems Neuroscience

Volker Coenen

Prof. Dr. med. Volker Coenen

Philippe Coulon

PD Dr. Philippe Coulon

Ilka Diester

Prof. Dr. Ilka Diester


Ulrich Egert

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Egert


Carola Haas

Prof. Dr. Carola Haas

Experimental Epilepsy Research

Sven Heinrich

PD Dr. Sven Heinrich

Visual System and Electrophysiology

Ulrich Hofmann

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hofmann

Neuroelectronic Systems

Johannes Letzkus

Prof. Dr. Johannes Letzkus

Carsten Mehring

Prof. Dr. Carsten Mehring

Neurobiology and Neurotechnology

Dierk Reiff

Prof. Dr. Dierk Reiff

Animal Physiology, Neurobiology and Behavior

Andrew Straw

Prof. Dr. Andrew Straw

Neural Circuits and Behavior

Julia Veit

Dr. Julia Veit

Cortical Circuits

Andreas Vlachos

Prof. Dr. Andreas Vlachos


Tanja Vogel

Prof. Dr. Tanja Vogel

Developmental and Functional Neuroepigenetics

Matthias Wittlinger

Dr. Matthias Wittlinger

Neurobiology and Behavior


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